Collection of 10k unique
and randomly generated
Mayans on the Elrond




Mayans is a collection of 10k unique and randomly generated characters that rule the Upperworld. The collection aims to create a group of like minded individuals who want to join ranks in the adventure of building the best NFT community on Elrond. Once the minting is done, trading will be open to everyone on the best marketplace on Elrond. Make sure to check out the Roadmap below, our future will be solar!


How many Mayans will live under the Sun ?
A total of 10000 Mayans are available. We will be offering 1000 in the first Private Sale and 7000 in the Public Sale. After that point, the price will increase until minting will be completed. Please see Wen Mayans below.
How much does one of these ancient beings cost?
Private Sale price will be just 0.1 EGLD. Public Sale price will be 0.2 EGLD. Price will ramp up according to Wen Mayans towards the end of minting.
How many Mayans will be sold in the presale ?
1000 Mayans will be sold during the Private Sale round. Once you get invited, act fast because you could miss out.
Mint is over, how can I buy a Mayan ?
After minting is completed, you can buy Mayans on a marketplace. There are quite a few on Elrond right now, but we encourage you to use Trust Marketplace because of their high security and low fees.
To which charities will the funds be donated ?
Funds will go towards projects developed by @Romania NGO.


The CreationMinting
A total of $10.000 will be given to random Mayans during the minting phase. We will also donate 10.000$ to charity organizations with strong shared beliefs. After minting is done, 20% royalties will be shared between community actions, charities and holders.
Gods Giving BackQ2 2022
During this time a large percentage of the raise will be used towards the development of the project and incentivizing new people to join. Additional funds will be distributed towards key members of the holders community.
NFT WhitelistingQ3 2022
By holding Mayans NFTs, you will be part of an exclusive club that grants its members Whitelisting to new NFT projects available on the Launchpad and coming soon to the Elrond network.
Mayans WearQ4 2022
Our online store will allow any holder to own amazing apparel featuring their Mayan. The collection will not be limited only to t-shirts, hoodies and caps. You will have the opportunity to showcase your Mayan style.
Steps of the AncestorsQ1 2023
We will release an itinerary that is relevant to the culture and history of the Mayans and we will provide local tourism businesses the opportunity to offer discounts to the community based on their Mayan collection.
Next StepsQ2 2023
We will announce further development of the Mayan project, allowing holders to take part and contribute every step of the way.


The Beginning
Private Sale1000 MayansPrice: 0.1 EGLD
Public Sale9000 MayansPrice: 0.2 EGLD
Public SaleLast 1000 MayansPrice: 0.3 EGLD
Giveawayat 5K Twitter
1st Ramp-up1000 Mayans0.3 EGLD
2nd Ramp-up500 Mayans0.4 EGLD
3rd Ramp-up500 Mayans0.5 EGLD


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